Our Pizzas

We are super passionate about our pizzas and a lot of hard work and thought has gone into making sure our pizzas are the best tasting around. We support our local economy and many ingredients are sourced locally such as our vegetables. However to retain authenticity some ingredients are imported from Italy.

the Pizza Pod


Our dough is made using traditional methods and italian flour. The dough is made the night before an event and is allowed to slow rise in the fridge. This gives the dough extra elasticity. On the day of the event it is brought up to temperature and rolled out ready to be topped.


Only 2 people know the full list of ingredients that goes into the Pizza Pod's Tomato sauce. We use Italian Tomatoes, a mix of herbs and one very secret ingredient.


We use Italian Mozzarella in Large Blocks (not pre grated) which gives the pizzas a rustic look and a yummy taste.


We can provide any topping you can think of for your event but here are some of our favourites: